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Our Courses

Learn to speak English fluently with our spoken English courses. Our courses are designed to help you improve your English speaking skills quickly and easily.


Our Basic spoken-English syllabus would typically cover the following topics:

• Introductions and greetings
• Simple conversational phrases and expressions
• Vocabulary for common activities and routines
• Grammar basics, such as sentence structure, verb tenses, and pronouns
• Asking and answering questions
• Describing people and things
• Making requests and giving instructions
• Talking about likes, dislikes, and preferences
• Discussing personal interests and hobbies
• Role-playing common scenarios, such as ordering food at a restaurant or asking for directions.


Our Advanced spoken-English syllabus would typically cover the following topics:

  • Stress and intonation

  • Vowel and consonant sounds

  • Accent reduction and modification techniques

  • Building an extensive vocabulary

  • Understanding idiomatic expressions

  • Usage of phrasal verbs

  • Advanced grammar structures

  • Correct usage of tenses

  • Complex sentence structures

  • Developing conversational fluency


Our Professional spoken-English syllabus would typically cover the following topics:

  • Strategies for maintaining a conversation

  • Responding to challenging questions

  • Techniques for effective public speaking

  • Structuring a speech or presentation

  • Managing nerves and building confidence

  • Comprehending spoken English at a faster pace

  • Understanding accents and dialects

  • Understanding cultural differences

  • Professional writing and speaking

  • Vocabulary related to business and finance

  • Interpreting news and current affairs

  • Engaging with Social Media


Our English-For-Kids syllabus would typically cover the following topics:

  • Introducing oneself, family members, and friends

  • Simple action words and phrases

  • Basic phonetic sounds

  • Emphasis on the correct pronunciation of vowels and consonants

  • Developing a neutral accent

  • Basic sentence structures

  • Basic verb tenses

  • Use of articles and prepositions

  • Developing social skills

  • Asking and answering simple questions

  • Developing listening skills

  • Comprehension of simple spoken English

  • Following simple instructions

  • Interactive activities to develop language skills

  • Storytelling and creative writing exercises

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